names Ali i'm an ace demigirl pronouns are all of them (I'm greedy like that)
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Ditto Cards / Delta Species Expansion


Honestly the only wasp I will ever love.


Guess what

Working on this again




Photos from last year of Big Red with her adopted egg babies


me getting ready for school:


The Amegakure Orphans


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He’s not Mr. Anything!

You know, CC gets a lot of flak for being a wimp, but I’d just like to point out that he just straight up Darth Vader chocked a full grown man with one arm like it was nothing. I think if CC didn’t run with such a rough crowd he might actually be kind of a badass.

I mean, who’s he always standing next to?  Destro? That dude can bend steel with his bare hands.  Serpentor?  Dude is a genetic freak of Scott Steinerian proportions.  Who else is left after that?  Ninjas? Hyper acrobatic twin telepaths?  The worlds most jacked mad scientist/orthodontist?

And the competition on the Joes side doesn’t make things any easier.  Take for example Alpine.  

Alpine is not typically considered one of the more amazing G.I. Joes.  His job description isn’t “Ninja Commando” or “Rocket Pack General” or anything like that.  No, his primary military specialty is “Mountain Climber” and his secondary military specialty is “Watching Bazooka.” but take a look at the opening to the G.I. Joe Movie:

Go ahead.  I’ll wait…

Dude just straight up grappling hooked a jet AND THEN PUNCHED IT TO DEATH WITH HIS BARE HAND!  WITH ONE PUNCH!  And he’s one of the normal ones!  

CC is surrounded by Circus strong men and Khan Noonien Serpentors on one side and an entire army of Bruce Willises on the other.  If he was fighting any other army in existence I’m convinced he’d be a force to be reckoned with, but against THAT nonsense!?

There is so much I love about the above commentary, I don’t know where to begin.


I just counted up all my money


u guys

I’m rollin in 42 almost 43 hundos here

im so fuckin set

I can’t wait to go on a mini cloths shopping spree in wp this weekened

buy a tonna shirts

just blow mad money on shit

(not all of it but a hundo or two for now is nice)